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Pioneer Central School District Policy Index
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Section 1000: Board of Education By-Laws Table of Contents
Policy 1110: School District and Boad of Education Legal Status and Authority
Policy 1120: Board of Education Authority
Policy 1130: Board of Education: Number of Members and Terms of Office
Policy 1140: Student Representative to the Board of Education
Policy 1210: Board of Education: Member Qualifications
Policy 1220: Board of Education Members: Nomination and Election
Policy 1230: Board of Education: Reporting of Expenses
Policy 1240: Resignation and Dismissal of Board Members
Policy 1310: Powers and Duties of the Board of Education
Policy 1320: Nomination and Election of Board Officers
Policy 1321: Duties of the President of the Board of Educaion
Policy 1322: Duties of the Vice President of the Board of Education
Policy 1330: Appointments and Designations by the Board of Education
Policy 1331: Duties of the District Clerk
Policy 1332: Duties of the School District Treasurer
Policy 1333: Duties of the Tax Collector
Policy 1334: Duties of the External (Independent) Auditor
Policy 1335: Appointment and Duties of Claims Auditor
Policy 1336: Duties of Extraclassroom Activity Fund Central Treasurer and Faculty Auditor
Policy 1337: Duties of the School Attorney
Policy 1338: Duties of the School Physician/Nurse Practitioner
Policy 1339: Duties of the Internal Auditor
Policy 1410: Policy and Administrative Regulations
Policy 1510: Regular Board Meetings
Policy 1520: Emergency Meetings of the Board of Education
Policy 1540: Executive Sessions
Policy 1610: Annual District Meeting and Election/Budget Vote
Policy 1611: Business of the Annual District Election
Policy 1620: Annual Organizational Meeting
Policy 1630:Legal Qualifications of Voters at School District Meetings
Policy 1640: Absentee Ballots
Policy 1650: Submission of Questions and Proposals at Annual Elections and Special Meetings
Policy 1720: Minutes
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Section 2000: Internal Operations Table of Contents
Policy 2110: Board Member Training
Policy 2130: Board Member Training in Financial Oversight, Accountability and Fiduciary Responsibilities
Policy 2210: Committees of the Board
Policy 2310: Memberships in Associations
Policy 2320: Attendance by Board Members at Conferences, Conventions and Workshops
Policy 2330: Compensation and Expenses
Policy 2340: Board Self- Evaluation
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Section 3000: Community Relations Table of Contents
Policy 3110: School Sponsored Media
Policy 3120: School Community Relations
Policy 3123: Use of Service Animals
Policy 3121: Citizen's Assistance to School Personnel
Policy 3122: Adult Education
Policy 3130: Senior Citizens
Policy 3140: Flag Display
Policy 3150: School Volunteers
Policy 3160: Naming of School Facilities, Plaques and Memorials
Policy 3161: Memorials
Policy 3210: Visitors to the School
Policy 3220: Public Expression at Meetings
Policy 3230:Public Concerns
Policy 3240: Student Participation
Policy 3250: Parent-Teacher Groups
Policy 3260: Booster Clubs
Policy 3271: Solicitation of Cheritable Donations from School Children
Policy 3272: Advertising in the Schools
Policy 3273: Soliciting Funds from School Personnel
Policy 3280: Community Use of School Facilities
Policy 3281: Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment
Policy 3290: Operation of Motor-Driven Vehicles on District Property
Policy 3310: Public Access to Records
Policy 3320: Confidentiality of Computerized Information
Policy 3410: Code of Conduct on School Property
Policy 3411: Unlawful Possession of a Weapon Upon School Grounds
Policy 3412: Threats of Violence in School
Policy 3420: Anti-Harassment in the School District
Policy 3430: Uniform Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting System
Policy 3510: Emergency School Closing
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Section 4000: Administration/Table of Contents
Policy 4110: School Administration
Policy 4210: Administrative Organization and Operation
Policy 4211: Line Responsibility
Policy 4212: Organizational Chart of School Administration
Policy 4220: Abolishing an Administrative Position
Policy 4230: Administrative Authority During Absence of the Superintendent of Schools
Policy 4240: Administrative Latitude in the Absence of Board Policy
Policy 4250: Use of Committees
Policy 4260: Evaluation of the Superintendent and Other Administrative Staff
Policy 4310: Superintendent of Schools
Policy 4311: Superintendent's Responsibility for the Educational Program
Policy 4312: Superintendent's Responsibility for Personnel
Policy 4313: Superintendent's Responsibility for Management
Policy 4314: Superintendent's Responsibilities Regarding Parents, Pupils and the Public
Policy 4320: Superintendent - Board of Education Relations
Policy 4410: Professional Development Opportunities
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Section 5000: Non-Instructional Business Operations/Table of Contents
Policy 5110: Budget Planning and Development
Policy 5120: School District Budget Hearing
Policy 5130: Budget Adoption
Policy 5140: Administration of the Budget
Policy 5210: Revenues
Policy 5220: District Investments
Policy 5230: Acceptance of Gifts, Grants and Bequests to the School District
Policy 5240: School Tax Assessment and Collection/Property Tax Exemptions
Policy 5241: Property Tax Exemptions
Policy 5250: Sale and Disposal of School District Property
Policy 5310: Bonding of Employees and School Board Members
Policy 5320: Expenditures of School District Funds
Policy 5321: Use of the District Credit Card
Policy 5322: Mobile Communications
Policy 5223: Reimbursement for Meals/Refreshments
Policy 5324: Conference/Travel Expense Reimbursement
Policy 5330: Budget Transfers
Policy 5340: Borrowing of Funds
Policy 5410: Purchasing: Competitive Bidding and Offering
Policy 5411: Procurement of Goods and Services
Policy 5412 Alternate Formats for Instructional Purposes
Policy 5413: Procurement: Uniform Grant Guidance for Federal Awards
Policy 5440: Purchase Contracts and Bid Minimums
Policy 5510: Accounting of Funds
Policy 5512: Reserve Funds
Policy 5520: Extraclassroom Activity Fund
Policy 5530: Petty Cash Funds and Cash in School Buildings
Policy 5540:Publication of the District's Financial Statement
Policy 5550: Maintenance of Fiscal Effort (Title 1 Programs)
Policy 5551: Allocation of Title I, Part A Funds in the District
Policy 5560: Use of Federal Funds for Political Expenditures
Policy 5570: Financial Accountability
Policy 5571: Allegations of Fraud
Policy 5572: Audit Committee
Policy 5573: Internal Audit Function
Policy 5574: Medicaid Compliance Program
Policy 5610: Insurance
Policy 5620: Fixed Asset Inventories, Accounting, and Tracking
Policy 5621:Accounting of Fixed Assets
Policy 5630: Facilities, Inspection, Operation and Maintenance
Policy 5631: Hazardous Waste and Handling of Toxic Substances by Employees
Policy 5640: Smoking/Tobacco User
Policy 5650: Energy/Water Conservation and Recycling of Solid Waste
Policy 5660 : Meal Charging and Prohibition Against Meal Shaming
Policy 5661: District Wellness Policy
Policy 5670 : Records Management
Policy 5671: Information Security Breach and Notification
Policy 5672: Employee Personal Identifying Information
Policy 5675: Student Grading Information System
Policy 5680:Safety and Security
Policy 5681: School Safety Plans
Policy 5682: Crisis Response (Post Incident Response
Policy 5683: Fire Drills, Bomb Threats and Bus Emergency Drills
Policy 5684: Anthrax and Other Biological Terrorism: Prevention Protocols/Protocols for Mail Handling
Policy 5685: Cardiac Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in Public School Facilities
Policy 5686 : Use of Surveillance Cameras
Policy 5690: Exposure Control Program
Policy 5692: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Related Illnesses
Policy 5720: Scheduling and Routing
Policy 5730: Transportation of Students
Policy 5750: School Bus Safety Program
Policy 5760: Qualifications of Bus Drivers
Policy 5761: Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers
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Section 6000: Personnel/Table of Contents
Policy 6110:Code of Ethics For All District Personnel
Policy 6111: Test Misconduct and Mandatory Reporting Requirements
Policy 6120: Equal Employment Opportunity
Policy 6121: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Policy 6122: Complaints and Grievances by Employees
Policy 6130: Evaluation of Personnel: Purposes
Policy 6140: Health Examinations
Policy 6150: Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances (Staff)
Policy 6151: Drug-Free Workplace
Policy 6170: Fingerprints
Policy 6160: Registration and Professional Development
Policy 6180: Staff-Student Relations (Fraternization)
Policy 6190: Staff Attendance
Policy 6191:Teacher Attendance Improvement
Policy 6211: Recruitment and Hiring of Certified Staff
Policy 6211.1: The Selection and Hiring Process for Certified Staff: Key Beliefs, Assumptions and Procedures
Policy 6212: Certification and Qualifications
Policy 6213: Probation and Tenure
Policy 6215: Employment of Relatives of Board of Education Members
Policy 6220: Temporary Personnel
Policy 6420: Employee Personnel Records and Release of Information
Policy 6430: Employee Activities
Policy 6440: Negotiations
Policy 6450: Theft of Services or Property
Policy 6460: Jury Duty
Policy 6470: Staff Use of Computerized Information Resources
Policy 6471: Use of Email in the School District
Policy 6480: Use of School Vehicles
Policy 6510: Health Insurance
Policy 6520: Workers' Compensation
Policy 6540: Defense and Indemnification of Board Members and Employees
Policy 6550: Leaves of Absence
Policy 6551: Family and Medical Leave Act
Policy 6562: Employment of Retired Person
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Section 7000: Students/Table of Contents
Policy 7110: Comprehensive Student Attendance
Policy 7120: Age of Entrance
Policy 7121: Diagnostic Screening of Students
Policy 7130:Internation Student Exchange
Policy 7131: Education of Students in Temporary Housing
Policy 7132: Non-Resident Students
Policy 7133: Attendance Boundaries
Policy 7134 Education of Students in Foster Care
Policy 7210: Student Evaluation
Policy 7211: Provision of Interpreter Services to Parents Who are Hearing Impaired
Policy 7212: Regents Examination Appeal Process
Policy 7213: Response to Intervention Process
Policy 7220: Graduation Requirements/Early Graduation
Policy 7221:Credit Recovery Program for High School Students
Policy 7222: Diploma or Credential Options for Students with Disabilities
Policy 7223: Participation in Graduation Ceremonies and events
Policy 7230: Dual Credit for College Courses
Policy 7240: Student Records: Access and Challenge
Policy 7241: Student Directory Information
Policy 7243: Military Recruiters' Access to Secondary School Students and Information on Students/Directory Information
Policy 7250: Student Privacy, Parental Access to Information, and Administration of Certain Physical Examinations to Minors
Policy 7260: Designation of Person in Parental Relation
Policy 7270: Students of Divorces/Separated Parents
Policy 7311: Loss or Destruction of District Property or Resources
Policy 7312: Student Dress Code
Policy 7313: Suspension of Students
Policy 7314:Student Use of Computerized Information Resources (Acceptable Use Policy)
Policy 7315: Students Presumed to Have a Disablity for Discipline Purposes
Policy 7320: Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, and Other Substances (Students)
Policy 7330: Searches and Interrogations
Policy 7340: Bus Rules and Regulations
Policy 7350: Corporal Punishment/Emergency Interventions
Policy 7360: Weapons in School and the Gun-Free Schools Act
Policy 7370: Student Vehicles on School Property
Policy 7410: Extracurricular Activities
Policy 7410.1: Extracurricular Field Trips
Policy 7411: Censorship of School Sponsored Student Publications and Activities
Policy 7412: Academic Eligibility Requirements for Athletics and Extra Curricular Activities
Policy 7420: Sports and the Athletic Program
Policy 7421: Extra-Curricular Coach and Advisor Code of Conduct
Policy 7422: Concussion Management
Policy 7430: Contests for Students, Student Awards and Scholarships
Policy 7440: Student Voter Registration adn Pre-Registration
Policy 7450: Fund Raising by Students
Policy 7460:Constitutionally Protected Prayer in the Public Schools
Policy 7511: Immunization of Students
Policy 7512: Student Physicals
Policy 7513: Administration of Medication
Policy 7514: Pediculosis Head Lice
Policy 7520: Accidents and Medical Emergencies
Policy 7521: Students with Life Threatening Allergies
Policy 7530: Child Abuse and Neglect/Maltreatment
Policy 7540: Suicide
Policy 7550: Complaints and Grievances by Students
Policy 7551: Sexual Harassment of Students
Policy 7552: Bullying: Peer Abuse in the Schools
Policy 7553: Dignity for All Students
Policy 7554: Hazing of Students
Policy 7555: Student Gender Identity
Policy 7560: Notification of Sex Offenders
Policy 7570: Supervision of Students
Policy 7571: Chaperones
Policy 7580: Safe Public School Choice Option to Students Who are Victims of a Violent Criminal Offence
Policy 7600: Adherence to Regulations
Policy 7610: Special Education: District Plan
Policy 7611: Children with Disabilities
Policy 7612: Grouping by Similarity of Needs
Policy 7613: The Role of the Board in Implementing a Student's Individualized Education Plan
Policy 7614: Preschool Special Education Program
Policy 7615: Least Restrictive Environment
Policy 7616: Prereferral Intervention Strategies
Policy 7617: Declassification of Students With Disabilities
Policy 7620: Students With Disabilities Participating in School District Programs
Policy 7621: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Policy 7631: Appointment and Training of Committee On Special Education (CSE)/Subcommittee On Special Education Members
Policy 7632: Appointment and Training of Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) Members
Policy 7640: Student Individualized Education Program (IEP): Development and Provision
Policy 7641: Transition Services
Policy 7650: Identification and Register of Children With Disabilities (CHILD FIND)
Policy 7660: Parent Involvement for Children With Disabilities
Policy 7670: Due Process Complaints: Selection and Board Appointment of Impartial Hearing Officers
Policy 7671: Compensation of Impartial Hearing Officers
Policy 7680: Independent Educational Evaluations
Policy 7690: Special Education Mediation
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Section 8000: Instruction/Table of Contents
Policy 8110: Curriculum Development,Resources and Evaluation
Policy 8130: Equal Educational Opportunities
Policy 8210: Safety Conditions and Programs
Policy 8211: Prevention Instruction
Policy 8220: Career and Technical (Occupational) Education
Policy 8230: Guidance Program
Policy 8240: Multi-Age Instruction and Classrooms
Policy 8242:Civility, Citizenship and Character Education
Policy 8250: Evaluation of the Instructional Program
Policy 8260: Parental Involvement (No Child Left Behind Act)
Policy 8270: Instructional Technology
Policy 8271:Children's Internet Protection Act: Internet Content
Filtering/Safety Policy
Policy 8280: Instruction for English Language Learners Or Students With Limited English Proficiency